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LMCQS-1h is a latex-modified cationic quick set asphalt emulsion designed for use in slurry seals. Meets AASHTO M208, ASTM D2397, ISSA A105 (Recommended Performance Guidelines for Emulsified Asphalt Slurry Seal) and ISSA A143 (Recommended Performance Guidelines for Micro Surfacing) when tested in accordance with ASTM D140, ASTM D244, and AASHTO T59. Contains select polymers (2-3% based on mix design) to provide superior adhesion and cohesion with aggregate.


LMCQS-1h is designed as an asphalt emulsion for slurry seals to be mixed with aggregates and additives in a slurry machine.


Dependent upon mix design and slurry seal type.
Recommended slurry application rates according to the International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA):
Type I Slurry Seal (low traffic streets, parking lots, airport runways): 8-12 lb/yd²*
Type II Slurry Seal (Moderate traffic streets, airport runways): 10-18 lb/yd²*
Type III Slurry Seal (Heavy traffic streets, primary & interstate roadways): 15-22 lb/yd²*

*based on weight of dry aggregate


  • Low cost pavement maintenance alternative to repaving.
  • Protects asphalt surface from oxidation and raveling.
  • Quick placement and return of traffic
  • Skid-resistant surface texture
  • Versatile application – can be used in low volume residential streets to high traffic highways.
  • Corrects minor surface irregularities
  • Minimal change in curb height
  • Non-Hazardous


When placed on extremely dry pavements, the surface may be dampened with water ahead of the spreader box. Avoid pooling or standing water. Pavement surface repairs should be made with suitable hot or cold mix asphalt, such as PatchMaster. Cracks should be filled with SealMaster Hot Applied crack fillers. Treat all grease, oil, and gasoline stains with SealMaster® Petro Seal or Prep Seal.


Apply LMCQS-1h with conventional slurry seal equipment.


Circulation of product is recommended after an extended period of storage. Avoid repeated pumping.
Perform a mix design according to ASTM D3910 or ISSA A105 to determine correct mix of asphalt emulsion, aggregate, water, and additive(s). Use conventional slurry seal equipment to properly mix and place slurry seal. Do not spray additional water into the spreader box.


Do not apply when rain is imminent or forecast. Do not dilute. Note: Slurry Seals do not improve the structural strength of pavements.


Wash tools in water before material dries. After material has dried, clean up with TarBuster or other asphalt remover.

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