Plasti-Pave Pavement Rejuvenator


Sizes Available

5-gallon pail
55-gallon drum
275-gallon tote

Plasti-Pave Pavement Rejuvenator is an acrylic reinforced asphalt emulsion pavement sealer and rejuvenator designed to preserve and protect as well as beautify pavement surfaces.  Plasti-Pave replenishes the binder that is lost through oxidation, weathering and aging providing a “like-new” black appearance.  Plasti-Pave protects against oxidation, weathering, aging, moisture, UV and chemical attack.


Ideal for use as a fog seal and rejuvenator on roads, streets, airports, and highway shoulders.


One gallon of Plasti-Pave Pavement Rejuvenator will cover 60-100 square feet.


  • Low cost pavement maintenance method
  • Protects asphalt surface from oxidation, water-intrusion, and raveling
  • Versatile application – may be used in low volume residential streets or high traffic roads
  • Covers smalls cracks and surface voids
  • Rejuvenates dry and brittle pavements
  • Used with chip seals to minimize chip loss
  • Gives pavement a dark black finish
  • Non-Hazardous


Surface must be cleaned of dirt and debris. When placed on extremely dry pavements, the surface may be dampened with water ahead of the spreader box.  Avoid pooling or standing water.  Pavement surface repairs should be made with suitable hot or cold mix asphalt, such as PatchMaster. Cracks should be filled with SealMaster Hot Applied crack fillers. Treat all grease, oil, and gasoline stains with SealMaster® Petro Seal or Prep Seal.


Apply Plasti-Pave Pavement Rejuvenator with spray equipment or brush.  Circulate material before applying.  Apply at a rate of 60-100 square feet per gallon.  Typically applied as a fog seal on a routine schedule every 3 -5 years.


Circulation of product is recommended.  Avoid repeated pumping.


Do not apply when rain is imminent or forecast.  Do not apply when temperature is expected to drop below 50°F within a 24 hour period after application.


Wash tools in water before material dries.  After material has dried, clean up with TarBuster or other asphalt remover.

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