Sizes Available

50 lb. Bag
1-Ton Bulk Bag

The cold pothole repair patch with hot mix performance!
Made in Hawaii for Hawaii

  • Made with Hawaiian Basaltic Rock that won’t turn white on the roadway.
  • Easy to Use – Simply pour from bag and tamp or drive over with car wheels.
  • No heating required. A true, cold patch product.
  • PatchMaster can be applied in any weather.
  • Fills potholes in both asphalt and concrete. Ideal for full depth repair.
  • Packaged in 50 lb. weatherproof bags, 1-Ton bags and bulk.
  • Ideal for roads, streets, parking lots, driveways, and other pavement surfaces.


One 50 lb. bag of PatchMaster cold patch will cover approximately 5 square feet at 1″ depth or 2.5 square feet at 2″ depth.

permanent pothole repair

Pothole patching

PatchMaster pothole repair inventory

Driveway repair


PatchMaster is a cold-applied high performance pothole repair material. It is an all-weather material that can be used to fill potholes in wet or dry conditions. PatchMaster remains pliable at temperatures as low as -20°F.


A fast, economical, easy to use pothole repair for parking lots, driveways, roads, streets, and more.

Surface Preparation

Remove loose material, debris, snow, and standing water from pothole prior to application.

Mixing Procedures

Store PatchMaster Pothole Patch in warm area to enhance workability. PatchMaster is a ready to use product. Simply pour or shovel from container.


Apply PatchMaster directly from bag. Fill to a height of 1/2″ above surrounding pavement. Tamp or
compact into place with hand tamper, roller, or car wheels.

Clean Up

Wash tools in water before material dries.

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